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Aperture Part 1

Learn about aperture, what it does, & how to change it...

Image setting: ISO 320, f/30 2 sec


Learn about histograms, how to read them & why they are useful...



Learn about ISO, what it does & how to change it...

WB summary photo

White Balance

Learn about white balance & how it impacts an image...

WB light summary


Learn how to get your subject in focus and how to change the focal point...

long exposure, headlight streaks, DSLR camera

Shutter Speed

Learn about shutter speed, what it does & how to change it...

Unsure where to start? How about a short introduction.

If you learn nothing else from this site, learn this: A great photograph does not depend on what camera you have. It is your knowledge of the core photography concepts and techniques that will turn an ordinary photo into one that your audience will enjoy.

The goal of this website is to expose you to these concepts and techniques so you can be prepared for any situation.

The goal is to give you the knowledge to feel comfortable enough to take your camera off the auto setting. It is only when you get away from the auto setting that you start to take images that will make you proud. Make you want to share your work and possible start to sell your images if that is something you wish to do.

The goal is to make you realize that there is always more to learn or another skill to master. There are endless ways to capture the light / scene we see on a daily bases. The camera is an amazing instrument that enables us to capture things that even the human eye can't see.

WB light summary

Why should I learn photography?

Below is the difference between someone pointing a camera at an object and a photographer capturing the scene. Now imagine you are on a family vacation taking pictures of a once in a lifetime event. Wouldn't you want images that you are proud to share instead of just another image?

washington mon old1
washinton mon new1
washington mon old2
washinton mon new2

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